do not use airlock

Hi, just received my parcel from hbo and on the 48 turbo super yeast it says do not use a airlock. New to spirit making so does anyone know what I should use instead?


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    edited October 2015
    It is because the yeast is really vigorous and the initial fermentation can be quite active, if you use an airlock it can become blocked as it will ferment very quickly, especially if quite warm where you are brewing. Once the initial ferment has calmed down you can pop an airlock in, we suggest to monitor the brew, and for the first day or two fit the lid loosely just to allow the gases to escape and check on it regularly, don't brew it anywhere where damage would occur if it foamed over!
  • WarfyboyWarfyboy Member Posts: 4
    Ok, thanks for your help. I'll do what you have said and hope everything turns out fine.
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