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  • Hello

    Just bought my first home brew kit, just looking for general advice for a beginner.

    May 11
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  • hello, newly acccepted in this forum - i'm founder of AlcoFermBrew - an online store for all the necessary accessories for home alcohol making - not just beer brewing, but also vodka, wine making, etc, distillation equipment, and all. Check them out:
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  • Hello everybody, I have just bottled six Cabinet Sauvignon. Unfortunately the racking pipe moved in the demijohn and disturbed the lees, clouding the wine. I continued by corking, shrink capping and labelling. I now wished I had racked into a clean demijohn before bottling. My concern is will I be able to store the wine for three months in a upright position prior to decanting for drinking. I am disappointed with the black clip that holds the racking pipe in the demijohn as it is difficult to keep it still while racking into bottles. Is there a better fitting I can buy from you, if not is there a way to stop the clip from sliding on the rim of the demijohn.
    Regards Ballsbrews.
    April 18
    • HBO_Staff
      Hi Ballsbrews, if the sediment was disturbed it will syphon over it to the bottles but will settle again in the bottles - if you pour the wine carefully this should stay undisturbed in the bottom of the bottles. As you say if it does get disturbed then you can leave it to settle again before bottling. There are not that many options for clips and they can sometimes slide round, one thing we might suggest is to rack the wine over into a second vessel before bottling - leaving all the sediment behind - this way when you bottle you know there is no sediment to get mixed up and will ensure none gets into your bottles
  • Can you enlighten me as to why shrink caps have holes in the top please.
    April 18
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