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Hi, I am doing abitter kit and it has stuck at 1020 after 10 days in the FV. It is meant to be 1014 or lower. Should I - 1) stir the brew with asanitisied spoon and wait another 2 days and test again, 2) raise FV temp from 18 by a few degrees, 3) ndo both 1 & 2, 4) pitch some more yeast? 5) just bottle it? Cheers for any help!


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    It sounds like it does need to go a little lower, the cooler temperature can make it take longer so we suggest a combination of two of your ideas, move it somewhere a little warmer or raise the temperature by a few degrees if possible, and give it a gentle stir to re-suspend the yeast and just help it finish off fermenting and lower the last few points on the scale. It sounds like it is not far off so another couple of days and it should be about there. We don't recommend bottling before it is finished as you may end up with too much pressure in your bottles, once bottled and primed try and leave somewhere in the early 20's for a few days to help the priming sugar/drops dissolve and get secondary fermentation going
  • ozzybrewozzybrew Member Posts: 48
    Thanks HBO. If it stays at 1020, should I leave the priming sugar out of the bottles, hoping that it will carb on the sugars left in the beer?
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    We don't think it will stay at 1020, it needs to be lowered really, if the extra warmth and a good stir don't lower it in a couple of days then another yeast may be needed. It's not uncommon for it to slow right down though so we're confident it will lower a few more points, any problems though just let us know
  • ozzybrewozzybrew Member Posts: 48
    Thanks. It is at 1017 at the mo ..... all very interesting!
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Great stuff, it is completing the fermentation so should continue to drop until it reaches around 1014, and will then be ready for bottling
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