rack off before bottling?

Tom_BTom_B Member Posts: 27
is it worth racking off an extract brew a couple of days before bottling?

Last but one batch had some bottles being much more cloudy than others - I don't mind cloudy beer but these were a bit too murky.

Would racking off before bottling help to address this?


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Most extract kit ingredients do not suggest to do this, although if you wanted to you can. It is sometimes done to leave sediment behind and you can then leave the brew to settle and clear for a few more days knowing that you have left most of the dead yeast behind in the first fermenting vessel. One thing to bear in mind is that leaving a brew in a fermenter after the fermentation has finished so the brew is no longer producing CO2 is that it is at a greater risk of contamination.

    Brews are often cloudy because of the suspended yeast in the liquid and this usually settles in the bottles, but here is a guide with some more info on possible things you can so to reduce the cloudiness and sediment in the bottles if of any interest:

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