Cider - How long before I can drink it?

Hi all. Complete Newbie here. I've pressed my own apples (and now some pears too) - the first batch of apple cider fermented nicely and I bottled it after 4 weeks with some added sugar; it's been in the bottles (at the same temperature as original fermentation) for nearly 3 weeks and the plastic bottles definitely have some pressure to them. Should I now put them somewhere cold? how long should I leave them before I can sample? I'm keen to find out what it tastes like :-) Thanks


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    I am no expert on home made cidre, but going by beer brewing I would suggest leaving them in a cold place, maybe for a week or two. If they are bottled you could always then try one, see what its like, you'l know if it needs longer or not then.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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    That's very helpful, thanks. I'll see how it tastes and go from there :-)
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    When making it from your own fruit we suggest to leave it for as long as possible, ideally at least a few months. The temptation to try it though often means it is sampled much earlier, and if you do try it and it tastes good already then go ahead and drink it. The general rule is that the longer it is left the better the flavours will develop, cider may not clear, but if you store it somewhere a bit cooler this can help it clear if it is going to
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