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We have just started using Alcotec, just to ferment like a wine with sugar, and then to add, juice or other mixers, it has been fine, but last night, bottling some from the fermenter, found it smells really eggy, unbearably so !!! anyone know what has caused the extra sulphur? ... and what we can do to avoid it... and can we get rid of it? also is it harmful?


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    Sometimes fermentations can create various smells and tastes in the early stages, some ciders create this strong sulphur smell but it does fade and disappear and leaves no off taste or flavours. Usually smells like this are nothing to worry about and are not a problem and will go on their own, it is best to ensure that you brew within the recommended temperature range and ensure all equipment you use is well cleaned and sterilised, and store away from direct light or UV. As long as there are no signs of contamination and t seems to have fermented OK, you can proceed to bottle and chances are it will go
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