Sediment or chill haze

Hi i've recently brewed a Yorkshire Terrier beer, the initial fermentation went ok and I transfered it to the pressure vessel and left it warm for a couple of days after which it sat in the garage for a couple of weeks to clear. I brought it inside and left it to settle once more however now it has a hazy/swirly (if that makes sense!) appearance when tapped off. I can't see any obvious signs of sediment in the glass and it doesn't settle out when left in the glass overnight, would I be right in thinking this is just a chill haze as the pressure vessel did sit out in a cold garage for a couple of weeks and has been left plenty of time to settle out again since then. It does taste ok but I didn't want to drink it if it has yeast sediment still suspended in it, 


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    If the brew did clear and the cloudiness has now appeared then this may well be a haze, if has never cleared then it would point to it being sediment and it could do with a little longer to settle and clear. A chill haze is often caused by the cold and whilst i will not affect the taste the appearance can be altered and not look as good as a nice clear pint. The haze caused by the cold temperature can sometimes go when it is warmed back up. If it never cleared fully then we suggest leaving it a little longer and it should clear
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    If it tastes ok, just drink it and ignore the haze. Even if it is a little sediment don't worry it does you no harm. Some people even like it that way.
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