No primer included in Mangrove Jack's American Pale Ale - how much to use for barrelling?

billybobsbillybobs Member Posts: 9
Just ready to barrel my first attempt at brewing Mangrove Jack's APA but just realised no priming sugar (or drops) are included in the kit! This is disappointing since all the other kits of various makes that I've used (quite a few) have all included priming sugar. Also, instructions are only provided for bottling. There are no instruction for barrelling. Not happy!
Reference is made to carbonation drops in the bottling instructions but as I said, these are not included in the kit.
So, do I stick to the rule of thumb of 80g max priming sugar for barrelling 5 gallons (this kit is 6 gallons - another unexpected surprise that meant I had to get a bigger brew bin!)? - What think ye all?


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Hi billybobs, some instructions do just mention bottles but you can of course barrel the beer if you prefer, as you say the usual 80g will be good and give a nice level of carbonation to the brew. The Mangrove Jack's APA is usually brewed to 23 litres, or they also say this is 6 US gallons for the American market, it is best made to 23 litres/5 UK gallons.

    A number of beer ingredients have started to include priming sugar, maybe more will in the future, but as their costs go up it is likely the manufacturers will look to save money so may not include priming sugar in all their ranges
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