Bramble wine

Good evening everyone! Hoping for a wee insight here if anyone can help? This is my first go at the Bramble wine, second go at wine making! Turned out a rather nice(bit strong) elderflower, which my friend says is beginners luck!!
So, to the point, Set off my must in a bucket(everything sterilised) with loose lid away it went like a champion! Great! Stirred it every day and after a week I strained into demijohn and.............nothing. It appears to have fermented, after a week????
The SG at the start was 1082, last night while transferring it measured 1002. There is no bubbling in the airlock, room temp' is around 21 steady.
Am I right in thinking that this is a bit wrong? Any help thanks


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    Hi Stevie, great news the wine making is off to a good start, it sounds as though the bramble wine got off to a fast start and fermented vigorously, 21 degrees is quite a common temp so will be fine. Some brews can ferment very quickly, a bit cooler and they usually take longer, if the reading is 1.002 then it may go a bit lower but this is certainly showing it has finished the bulk of the ferment. If it is at 1.020 then it needs to ferment further.

    Assuming it has reached 1.002 then leave it for another couple of days and take another reading, if it is still the same then this is a sign it has competed the fermentation - you just don't want to bottle it if it has not fully finished or it will pressurise your bottles. There is a little more info here if of any interest:
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