Black Rock Oatmeal Stout

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Long delayed - purchased from here a couple of years ago & cans have a 'best before' date of 06/18 - but finally got around to starting my first of two batches of Oatmeal Stout.

As with other Black Rock kits, it's supposed to be 2 cans to make 23L and around 4.5% ABV ( or that's what their website now mention of the ABV on the cans )

I'm making this batch with one can plus around 10L water, together with 1Kg of ( dark ) molasses sugar and a Fuggles hop teabag.

Currently waiting for it to cool down enough to check the starting SG and add the yeast - not using the supplied yeast, I'll be trying Mangrove Jack's M42 New World Strong Ale Yeast instead.

The just-mixed concoction :p .....

The second batch, which I'll probably start in a few days, will likely be :smile:
One can & 10L water
Either a 1.2Kg bag of Mangrove Jack's Pure LME or - more likely - a can of Briess Porter Malt Extract.
May also chuck in a hop teabag, not sure which one though...maybe Goldings.
Yeast will be what's supplied with the kit ( I'll probably use both sachets )


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