Difficulty clearing beer

DesmondDesmond Member Posts: 38
Left it too late in November to do the St peters ruby. What is the best temperature to keep the keg to clear it?


  • BUDFORCEBUDFORCE Member Posts: 275
    Assuming by keg you mean you have transferred it out of primary fermentation, in which case there is no correct answer.

    The general consensus seems to be to keep it a room temperature for the first few weeks (to encourage carbonation through secondary fermentation) then in colder temperatures after (garage/shed etc) for ideally as long as you can leave it.

    Some kits clear faster, from my brief experience with st peters kits they do clear pretty quick, 3-4 weeks maybe.

    Some kits take longer, Bulldog brews kits for example need as very minimum 6-8 weeks.

    In any case, the longer they can be left the better.
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  • DesmondDesmond Member Posts: 38
    Thanks. I have had it in the keg for 3 weeks. Still hazy. Thought by transferring it to a shed (13°) wold work faster.
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