Mangrove Jack's - Pink Grapefruit IPA (LE)

Third of the three Mangrove Jack's kits I ordered.

This one is similar to the Simcoe Hopped IPA, not quite as sharp and I do slightly prefer it.

After trying the three, they all share a similar profile. Hoppy, but a bit thin, and lacking malt/body.

The American Pale Ale was good because it was easy going, and wasn't too sharp (plus light in alcohol content) setting it aside form its rivals as a lower ABV choice. Being light and not overly hopped it was pretty good, although not particularly outstanding. I would recommend this one though.

The Simcoe and Pink Grapefruit however are more on the bitter side, without the malt/body to back it up, I said it previously, this can easily be achieved (actually bettered) using a much cheaper Coopers kit, and thats even factoring in the cost of some dry hops.

Unlikely to buy another Mangrove Jack's kit in a hurry, they are OK, but the Young's American range or Bulldog Brews Kits are miles better, and the Coopers kits are comparible for much less money.

(I have not sumitted this review to the shop site as it is a bit negative, and also not directly relating to this particular kit, as I have pretty much done an overview of the 3, but feel free to put it, or bits of it, on there as you choose, I would give this one 3 stars if so)

Beer League: 1. Young's - American Pale Ale 2. Bulldog Brews - Imperial Red Bad Cat 3. Young's - IPA 4. Young's - American Amber Ale 5. Bulldog Brews - Evil Dog Double IPA


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    That's really good feedback and good to know, the Bulldog and American kits do get really good feedback, some are a bit on the stronger side though. Feel free to post any reviews on the website, good or bad they just need to be genuine to help other people see what they are getting, it's all subjective of course but when there are a few reviews it helps people to get an overall picture of what to expect - this range don't have that many reviews yet with them being relatively new additions to the range. Thanks for the reviews though we really appreciate them
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