Metallic taste

peterpeter Member Posts: 1
I'm new to brewing and my brews seem to have a metallic taste. Does anyone have an answer. Hope you can help


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Hi Peter, a metallic flavour can be hard to pin point, presumably you are brewing using malt extract kits rather than from grain, if it has tasted like this on all of your brews then it may be related to the water being used, sometimes leaving the water to stand overnight before use or using half a campden tablet in the water before using it can help.

    Sometimes flavours in brews will disappear after they have been bottled/barrelled for a while, young brews can have various flavours which will often go as a brew conditions, so if drank early a brew may not be at its best.

    Another consideration is brand, if you have made all the brews from the same manufacturer then try a different brand, some people report flavours with certain brands, changing to another such as Festival or Mangrove Jacks may stop the flavour
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