Mangrove Jack's - Single Hopped IPA Simcoe

Second of the three Mangrove Jack's kits I have.

I tried this straight after the American Pale Ale, and.. it's not quite as good.

Of course taste is completely subjective, this one is slightly more bitter, but not as aromatic, I have had Simcoe IPA's before and this doesn't stand out.

It's also lacking some of the maltyness, so is basically a slightly thinner tasting, more bitter but almost less hoppy version of the American Pale Ale.

The above is critical, it's still pretty good in general, but there are some better kits. I would put this on par with the Cooper's Brew of A range, which are good, and a bit cheaper.

I would give it 4 stars, but given 3 stars because you can get as good in other kits that are cheaper.

Beer League: 1. Young's - American Pale Ale 2. Bulldog Brews - Imperial Red Bad Cat 3. Young's - IPA 4. Young's - American Amber Ale 5. Bulldog Brews - Evil Dog Double IPA


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