Mai Bock - version 2

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Just started my latest brew.
A 20(ish) Liter batch of 3 cans of Black Rock Mai Bock & 500g of Billington's Molasses Sugar.
The 'Best before' date on the cans was 13 April, but that shouldn't be an issue.
Using a mixture the supplied yeast & Danstar Nottingham
Starting SG was 1.084, compared to the 1.054 that my last batch ( 1 can & 500g spraymalt for 11L )
The finishing SG is supposed to be around 1.014, which would be around 9.2% ABV :)
( My last batch finished at 1.012 after I added Danstar Nottingham yeast, which would be around 9.5% ABV if this one does the same )

Only a couple of hours in & it's already frothing well.....using one of my 30L buckets ( with the lid resting loosely on top ) so hopefully it won't froth over.


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    Wow, that certainly sounds different.

    Is it any good? I might give it a go at some point down the line although I really struggle with the 7.5% one I brew sometimes, this seems like a gauranteed headache the next day!

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    The last one I did - which was 'only' about 5.5% - is very tasty in my opinion.
    It was tangy & malty, but having been bottled for about 3 months it's mellowed somewhat.
    Still malty, though, although that's posibly down to my adding the 500g of dark spraymalt.

    Bog-standard 22L brew with 2 cans is supposed to be about 3.7-4.5% , 3 cans is supposed to be about 6.5-7.2% ( according to Black Rock )

    I did have a problem getting the SG down below 1.02, but added Danstar Nottingham yeast which got it down to 1.012
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    3 days in and I've just checked the's down to 1.03 , which should be around 7% ABV

    Not much froth ( although there hasn't been since I started it ) and I've given it a good stir.

    Also tasted it, tangy but not too malty.
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    2 days on ( 5 in total ) and the SG is 1.028 ( around 7.3% ABV )
    Very little activity, so I've given it yet another good stir.
    I'll give it a few days to see what happens, before deciding whether it's worth chucking some more yeast & some nutrient in.
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    I was going to start bottling it today.
    Then I checked the SG and found it has dropped to 1.02 ( about 8.4% )
    The bottling has now been put on hold for another week or two :)
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    Probably worth giving it a bit more time as it may well drop lower, let us know how it turns out!
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    After another couple of weeks, I've finally gotten around to start bottling the Mai Bock.
    Checking the SG before I did so, it was down to 1.016, which is just short of 9% ABV. Can't complain about that! :)

    As a change from the brewing sugar/DME I normally use for priming, I've decided to give carbonation drops a try....recommendation is for 2 per 500ml bottle, but I'm only using one.
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    After a bottling session spread over 2 days ( much of the time taken up filtering out floaters ) the final tally comes to 39 bottles - about 19.5L / 41 pints.
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    As you can see from the image, it's turned out very dark for a Mai Bock....don't know if that's down to me using 3 cans instead of 2, the molasses sugar I used, or a combination of the two.

    Less than a month after bottling & it's got a very malty taste - more so than my previous batch - and quite tangy.
    Despite being a higher ABV than my previous batch ( 9% as opposed to about 5.5% ) it's got a lot smoother taste.
    Definitely another one I'd recommend.
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    It sounds like it has quite a good strong flavour and high alcohol content, the Black Rocks make some decent brews
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    I've still got 2 cans each of their 'Witbier', 'Oatmeal Stout' & 'Wakatu Pils' to use, so I may give one of them a try over the next couple of weeks before my grapes ripen enough to start this year's batch(es) of wine
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