Youngs Harvest Pilsner

DeanojevoDeanojevo Member Posts: 58
Been finished for a while now and about halfway through the batch.
Really enjoying this beer!
I made about 36 pints instead of 40 to try and make it a bit stronger.
Also made it with 1kg of brewing sugar and .5kg caster sugar.
Also used the beer enhancer kit with this.
Turned out really well.
Final ABV was about 6.5%, and has a lovely head which is retained all the way down to the last sip and good carbonation, using a teaspoon of granulated sugar to prime the bottles.
The beer enhancer kit gives a nice aroma and the saaz hop tea bag leaves quite a nice subtle taste.
It definitely benefits from a few weeks in the bottle.
All in all, a very nice pilsner which is great value for the price.
A solid 8.5/10.


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