Using DME instead of sugar for carbonation....

Hi all,

Three brews into the new hobby now and had a couple of good results so far. However, I now have a Muntons Midas Touch kit which doesn't come with priming sugar so and thinking of using DME instead. Is there any advantage in doing this, and is it a direct like for like dosage wise?



  • WCGWCG Posts: 74Member
    I used to use just brewing sugar, but since switching to DME for my last few brews I prefer using that now.
    It's main advantage I found is that you can use different types to customise the taste & colour of the brews - it's also supposed to give an increase in % ABV.
    Dosage-wise, it's pretty much like-for-like.

    As for 'Midas Touch', looking at the product page it doesn't need sugar/DME apart from priming...not to say you can't add any for primary fermentation, though.

  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Posts: 1,939Administrator
    DME is a great way to improve brews by using instead of sugar when brewing 1 tin/pouch refills, you can also use it to prime your bottles/barrel instead of sugar or drops. Use around the same amount as you would sugar to prime your brew, because it is such a small amount used to prime it probably wont affect the flavour too much
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