Next brew - Harvest Pilsner

DeanojevoDeanojevo Member Posts: 57
Down to my last 20 bottles of my last lot now so time to get brewing again!

I've gone for a Youngs Harvest pilsner.

I've made it with 1kg brewing sugar and 500g of caster sugar. Also used a bolster kit in this one as well. I've also made 36 pint instead of 40. OG is 1.056.

Noticed a marked difference straight away on this compared to the definitive lager.

Definitely a lot more action in the airlock and the frothy head went down faster.

One thing I annoyingly noticed on top of the froth was three pieces of label from the can, I pulled them out, hopefully no harm done.

Took a reading after three days and it's down to 1.036. Smells good too, didn't really get any odours off the last kit.


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 1,984
    Excellent, sounds good and the bolster kit will give it more flavour, let us know what you think to the finished brew
  • DeanojevoDeanojevo Member Posts: 57
    Will do. Just a ken another reading. It's down to 1.016 now. Which makes it around 5.2abv already.
    Could finish around 7%?

    It's still bubbling nicely through the airlock. I'll chuck the teabag in once it's finished for a couple of days.
  • DeanojevoDeanojevo Member Posts: 57
    In fact just had a taste from the sample I just took. I can tell this is going to be amazing!
  • DeanojevoDeanojevo Member Posts: 57
    Instructions say 1/2 teaspoon of sugar at bottling. Would it be OK with a level teaspoon? Don't want bottle bombs but want a fair bit of carbonation.
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 1,984
    You can adjust this to your personal preference, you can use up to a heaped teaspoon per 500ml bottle (some people like their lagers and ciders quite fizzy), a level teaspoon will be fine for 500ml bottles
  • DeanojevoDeanojevo Member Posts: 57
    Great stuff thanks.
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