Young's Definitive Lager

DeanojevoDeanojevo Member Posts: 58
I was given this as a gift at Christmas and is my first attempt at a brew.
Took little under a week to ferment. Made with brew enhancer and an extra 250g ofor granulated sugar.
Used the carb drops (crafty fox) for the majority of the bottles (some of the drops were quite a lot smaller than the others I noticed) and granulated sugar for a few.
After a few weeks the quality of the drink has significantly improved and carbonation is good with the drops, but better with granulated sugar.
The lager tastes pretty good. Very smooth and almost creamy like. A little sweet (maybe due to the extra sugar?). Head retention is good too, though this can vary also depending which glass I drink out of (Stella chalice is my glass of choice!). Final abv came out around 4.3%.
I would say this is a very good kit for around a tenner and ideal for a starter kit or one to experiment with (I'm gonna use this kit to make a black lager I reckon).

I'd give it a solid 8 out 10.


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