Steeping Grains in Beer Kits

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Ive been brewing kits for a year or so now, and recently gave the "Bolster Kit" from here a go and was very impressed with the results, using a Geordie Yorkshire Bitter Kit with an English Ale Bolster (even my wife commented on how it tasted like "real beer"). Just wondering if anyone else uses steeping grains with beer kits and if anyone has any ideas for the types of grains to use other than Pale Crystal Malt, and if they can be used with kits to produce some near commercial equivalent clones?


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    Greta to hear ot turned out so well, you can use other grains to experiment with brewing, there are different crystal malts and also these more specialist malts from Briess if you like the sound of any of them:

    Making clones of bees can be more involved, this is often done by making all grain brews and using a tried and tested recipes that should give similar results often recipes can be found online if you wanted to go down the all grain route, and we have some Craft Fox recipe refills that produce great results, available in both 1 and 5 gallon sizes, but they require mashing and boiling.
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