Beer not carbonating properly in keg

dr_krippendr_krippen Member Posts: 3
I have made a batch of beer recently, and have found that while there is plenty of pressure in the keg now secondary fermentation is completed, but when I dispense the beer from the keg, there is plenty of head on the beer, but the actual beer has little to no carbonation. The keg is not losing pressure or anything like that.

As its coming from a keg, it is at room temperature, but I don't think this is the problem. Any ideas on what is potentially causing this or how I can stop it?


  • BUDFORCEBUDFORCE Member Posts: 275
    Only a few variables at work here. You say your keg is keeping pressure so we can eliminate a leak which is good.

    So your variables here are time, and amount of sugar you added for secondary fermentation.

    More of either or both will improve carbonation.
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