Milk stout from a Coopers kit

quetzal63quetzal63 Member Posts: 7
Just wonder if anyone has made a milk stout using this kit,and what the outcome was? I am not a hugely experienced brewer,but am under the understanding that the addition of lactose after fermentation will achieve a decent milk stout. Not too sure about exactly how much lactose to add? I have been told about 250g for every Coopers kit...does anyone think that this sounds about right? Many thanks for any replies....Chris


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Hi Chris, there will be various recipes from people who have experimented on forums etc, but a simple recipe is as you suggest, people tend to do variations on this but as a basic recipe if you use a Coopers Stout, then add a Kg of enhancer to it, and also 250g of lactose, let us know how you get on
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