Coopers diy or festival microbrewery kits???

I am hoping to get back to the uk early next year & start brewing my own beer but can't decide between the two above products. I love the look of the coopers fermenting bin which looks very easy to use & clean & see through which is another bonus but the festival beer kit looks far superior to the one included in the coopers starter kit & it's cheaper over all. Just wondering if anyone has the coopers & how it compares to the old fermenting vessel types.


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    There are a couple of points you might consider, whichever version of equipement you go for they will both produce great beer though. The Coopers kit does come with the more complex design of fermenting vessel, and this is probably personal preference but by far the most popular is just using a 25 litre fermenting vessel (probably not least of all because it is much cheaper). Our own Home Brew Online starter kits usually come with a little bottler included if it has bottles - this makes bottling really quick and easy - and we highly recommend using a bottling stick.

    Whichever version you opt for you can then make future batches of beer or lager from any of the refills - so if you start with the Coopers DIY starter kit then you can make Festival refills etc next time.

    The Coopers DIY starter kit comes with the standard Coopers Lager, this does make a great drink but the Festival range have hops etc included and much more malt etc, so you don't need to add sugar to the Festival refills like you do with Coopers.

    It really comes down to personal preference, we do think you will go wrong with either
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    I've never used a Krausen collar and have never had any problems. Personally, I'd go for the plain, cheaper bin. The main consideration is whether you want an ale or lager. One other small consideration is whether you want pints or 330ml bottles.
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