Clearing my Ameretto

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Hi, I am in the middle of making Ameretto from a kit and have reached the clearing stage after adding the finings. It has now been 7 days (the kit says 2-5) and it is still a little cloudy and has charcoal floating on the surface. Is it ready to move on to the next stage or am I just being impatient? Will having a bit of charcoal in the final product ruin it? Any help appreciated


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    Hi brave, these Classic Liquour kits are good, and we regularly have repeat orders from customers who really enjoy them, but they do all say the same thing, which is what we also found when we tried one - they take longer than what the manufacturers say to clear (their times are based on ideal conditions). It's just a case of giving it a bit more time, but they will clear and you should be pleased with the result. Give it some more time, and let us know how you get on
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    Thanks guys, that's just what I wanted to hear. I shall be patient. I will let you know how it turns out.
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    ive just made the irish cream,had the same problem i was advised to shake the bottle to make sure all the gas had gone
    after doing this it started to clear.
    just had a drink of it what a good taste,would definately buy it again.
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