An over enthusiastic ferment!

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I have just started a Cooper's Lager off and probably pitched the yeast in when it was a tad too warm. The result is a VERY enthusiastic ferment.
The house was beginning to smell rather like Tadcaster used to in days gone by, so I popped into the utility room to see what was happening. The froth was about to make an unscheduled appearance, not ideal as it was 11pm and I dreaded to think what I would come down to in the morning!
I grabbed a jug (sterilised) and scooped a fair bit of froth off. It took about 10 minutes before it was all back again. By now the airlock was at a rather peculiar angle and in danger of becoming airborne. What to do?
Quick think and I improvised. I found a bit of old racking tubing, dunked it in steriliser, swirled it about a bit and forced the end into the grommet on the lid. I then put the other end in a 5 litre demijohn with a few centimetres of water in the bottom. It's now bubbling away and there is just short of 5 litres of space to take the overflow.
Result - I hope!
I know many of you may do this anyway, but thought I'd mention it for any new brewers who are faced with a similar problem.
I have moved the dogs basket, just incase my idea doesn't work, I'd hate him to have a lager bath during the night :smiley:
Anyway, I have included a picture, just so you can see what I mean.
Cheers Jane x

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