Which Candi sugar?

PedroPetePedroPete Member Posts: 5
Hi, I'm thinking of doing a Brewferm Triple next and I am wondering which Candi sugar I should use, dark or light? This will be my fifth different Brewferm kit, I have done a Diabolo twice, first time with brewing sugar, second time with dark Candi sugar and the difference with the Candi sugar was like night and day, the dark Candi sugar definitely improved the kit. As the Triple is a blond abbey would it be best to use light Candi sugar?


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Hi PedroPete, the Candi Sugar is great for brewing Belgian style beer ingredients, unlike some other sugars they also add some great flavour to the brew. It is personal preference but as a general guide the light Candi Sugar is often used in styles such as Triple and Abbey, and the dark version is used more commonly in darker styles such as Dubbels etc. Great to hear your last brew turned out so well, let us know how you get on
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