Cinnamon beer

TechTech Member Posts: 4
I would like to try add cinnamon to beer. Does anyone have the recipe or the right proportions?


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    There are many different opinions on this but everyone seems to agree, if you add too much it tastes very strong and you can't reduce the flavour afterwards, so trying a bit first is the safe option. If wanting to add to a beer kit refill and making 40 pints then perhaps a level teaspoon when you add the boiling water, or if using sticks then perhaps try 2 or 3 sticks about 50mm long during fermentation. We have been told that ground cinnamon can clump and make a mess, so one option is to wrap the ground cinnamon in muslin or similar to keep it together, and make a kind of tea-bag with it. Whichever method you try, use less rather than more so it is not over-powering
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