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Hello how do I use the co2 bulbs and cap kot that come with my starter kit do I screw the bulb in and just leave it or do I prime then remove and just leave the barrel cap on


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    I am assuming its one liek the above link?

    Once you have transferred the beer to the keg, and added you priming sugar, screw the lid on. It helps if you can lube the seal of the lid or lube around the top of the screw on the keg itself. Use vaseline or something similar. I use "red n tacky' which is a heat proof grease I use to water proof the spark plugs on my motorbike, which I am sure isn't safe to consume, but whatever!

    Leave your beer for a few weeks or however long to secondary ferment the pressure will build up by itself due to the carbonation process. You only need to inject co2 when you start to draw the beer out of your kig. As it is airtight, when you draw out the beer, there is nothing to fill the empty space you create, by injecting the co2 in to that empty space, you keep the beer pressurised which means it will keep it fizzy and you be easily be able to draw it out.

    To use the co2 bulbs, put the co2 bulb in to the plastic holder (the green thing) and screw that down slowly on to the valve. The valve has a nipple that will punture the end of the co2 bulb as you screw it on. You should hear the gas transfer in to the keg and dont screw it on too fast. Once it is screwed on I leave it on there, although in theory there should be a non return valve on them so no gas should come back out but I tend to leave them on anyway.
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    Arr right I see I wobbled the keg this morning with out the green screw thing and bulb and air escaped so does it have a pressure valve too to release air . the valve before the green thing seems lose to me even though I tightened it with grips
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