Ruined Nog

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I made a nog a few weeks ago and everything went fine and it tasted really good. It had been in the barrel for a couple of weeks and it stopped pouring so I put a canister of co2 in the holder and screwed it in and heard nothing and I unscrewed the canister and it had not been pierced! I tried again, this time screwing it in harder when the whole valve turned with it and lifted up causing air to get into the brew. I put cling film around it as I couldnt get another lid for another 24 hours. When I got the new lid I looked at the old lid and there was no pin in the valve to do the piercing! Anyway, I injected a canister of co2 in with the new valve and left it for a few days. When I drew off a half pint, it tasted very flat, and the beer went straight through me, and then gave me a cracking headache! Im quite pissed off as I fear the beer is now ruined through no fault of my own. I tried again today and the beer is now tasting off. Any ideas?



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    No comments? Ive threw the beer down the drain as I tasted it again and its even more sour! I hate waste with a passion!
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    Im sorry you lost your brew I would also be gutted if it happened to me.

    One thing I would say though is unless you got unlukcy and some kind of contaminate got in, it was likely there was something in there to start with, and when the oxygen go it, in expidited the fouling.

    I do not mean to patronise and I am sure you do already but you really cant be anal enough with cleaning and sterlising your equipment. You are, after all, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow when brewing.
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