Next order

Im gonna do another order soon, need someone to recommend something.

Gonna get a couple of the Young's (American craft beer brewing) - APA kits as they are superb and one will end up being a xmas present for the old man.

Also fancy trying the Bulldog Brews - Raja's Reward IPA. I did their Bad Cat kit and it was fantastic all be it a tad on a the strong side making it dangerously in easy headache territory. Thats also what is putting me off the Double IPA kit they do, aklthough I will try that at some point.

So need someone to recommend one more. I like really hoppy beers, a good strong IPA hopped with Simcoe or Citra hops are my favourite type. But I am also not shy on trying anything that is a Golden Ale, or more Amber/Red ales. I don't like stouts though. Any ideas?

Beer League: 1. Young's - American Pale Ale 2. Bulldog Brews - Imperial Red Bad Cat 3. Young's - IPA 4. Young's - American Amber Ale 5. Bulldog Brews - Evil Dog Double IPA


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