Very new brewer but once I had closed the lid on my first brew I knew I had the bug. not only has it got me excited about brewing my own, I am now MUCH more interested in guest ales and beers in my local pub. So far: Coopers Lager that came with kit - not bad, easy to do, recommend it as a first attempt for anyone (decent light lager, around 4%, good session beer). Coopers Wheat beer with 500g Dry Malt Extract, Coopers Brew Enhancer 2, 25g orange Peel and 25g Coriander seed (will update with tasting notes when ready). Wishlist: Stout with chocolate and vanilla (using coopers stout, chocolate malt cold steep, cocoa powder and vanilla beans) A pale or golden ale using porridge oats (found a guest ale -Isle of Skye Brewery, Eilean Rò, that used porridge oats during brewing to add a real creaminess to the finished product, this has really really peaked my interest). A bier blanche, something like Hoegaarden


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