Testing a barrel

Hi, stumbled across this site today having just returned to home brewing after many years away. The site looks excellent and I've already got a load of tips for my first brew which I hope to start in the next few days (Woodfordes Wherry).

Have got a shopping list lined up for the shop too.

I have a load of equipment from my previous brews which has all cleaned up OK, but is there a way i can check the barrel is still air-tight before putting beer in it? Can I just half fill with water and put a CO2 cartridge in it and leave it for a couple of days to see if it leaks/depressurises? Or is there a better way?


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Welcome, you will find there are some really great beer kit ingredients released in the last couple of years too, so it should be better than ever! To test the barrel you are exactly right and this is what we sometimes do, half fill it with water, seal the lid on and inject some CO2 to instantly pressurise it, we then leave them overnight (usually over a sink) and monitor it for leaks and make sure it is still under pressure the next day. If needed there are packs of rubber seals so you can overhaul them if needed, as the rubber can become brittle or perish with age
  • WierdFishWierdFish Member Posts: 25
    Brilliant, will do it tonight. Don't want to get the brew started until I have everything needed to store it when ready.
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