Second stage is warm

RorieRorie Member Posts: 8
Quick question - what happens if my second stage fermentation is NOT cold? My cool dark place has an asbestos roof, so has turned the room much warmer than i'd like!



  • BUDFORCEBUDFORCE Member Posts: 275
    Hi firstly, for most brews you are supposed to keep the beer warm for a week or so for the first part of the second stage (if that makes sense).

    However the second stage of the second stage (still following?) yes you are right, should be kept cool, but unless you have some kind of huge fridge, as it is summer this isnt always that easy to do.

    I keep mine in my garage, and over the last few weeks (especially that heat wave we had) it was about 26c in there during the day, however the night temperetures are lower, my beer has been fine.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much, as long as at some point of the day, it does get cool. It may just need a little longer to clear.
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