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mcneilsmcneils Member Posts: 3
is there any real enhancement with spray malt in a two can kit i can see the attraction in a single 1.5kg kit or am i just wasting my money.


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Most 2 tin ingredients refills don't need any sugars/spraymalt adding to brew them as they have more malt extract already included, if you add spraymalt at the primary fermentation stage then it will give it more flavour and will also increase the alcohol strength too. Some people use spraymalt to prime their barrel/bottles, but once opened it usually needs to be used quite quickly
  • CelticTwilightCelticTwilight Member Posts: 28
    I have been wondering how long it is safe to keep a packet of Munton's spraymalt once opened as there is no indication on the label, just a best before date. This would be very useful information to have. To use spraymalt for priming this is going to be at least a good week after you opened it to make a brew and that is why I have never saved any although I am feeling tempted considering we are only talking several teaspoons. Alternatively I could open a new packet and use that in the next batch after removing some for priming, that way it would be a lot fresher. Although I personally don't drink large amounts of beer regularly so rarely have continuous batches on the go.
  • CelticTwilightCelticTwilight Member Posts: 28
    Just started a new brew and have saved some Munton's Dark Spraymalt in an old dark glass jar I found in my cupboard. The lid seems airtight but is only plastic. My grandmother taught me these were the best vessels for the life of the contents as they offer better protection from sunlight. I used to have a dark glass demi-john but I gave that away when I moved house. I am very glad I saved these jars as I have a good feeling they are going to serve this purpose well. We shall see.
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    It will be interesting to hear how long the spraymalt keeps, it must be airtight, we find if we ever have a bag that has a tiny pin hole on the shelf it soon starts to turn to a sticky mess. Once open and mixed with air it may well start clumping together very quickly, it is always best to try to use it all in one go, so let us know how you get on
  • CelticTwilightCelticTwilight Member Posts: 28
    Apologies for the delayed response. Wouldn't you just know it, this brew turned out to be a long one at + 14 days! Actually it stuck in spite of stirs after readings so I need to review my ingredients and methods a little. But it is good news as the spray malt seems to have been maintained in good condition and I was able to prime this particular brew with it. I also discovered that it seems to dissolve better in colder liquids which I had overlooked as a possible flaw in the plan.

    I now know exactly what you mean about mixing with air as well because bits of malt very soon accumulated and solidified around the rim of the jar. It is a case of unscrewing and spooning out quite quickly.

    I am not going to push my luck too far. I used most of the remaining malt in the jar with my next brew. I will monitor how long the little bit left stays in good condition out of pure interest for now. :)
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    That's good news, we have found that if you mix spraymalt in to a hot brew the steam can cause it to be more sticky, as you also observed a bit cooler and it dissolves more easily. We hope the brew conditions soon and turns out great!
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