Malt extract and hops questions.

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I've just acquired a tin of Coopers malt extract light and a pack of "Northern Brewer" hops 100g and I'm not exactly sure how to use them.  If any one can help that'd be great.

Do I use the can of malt extract instead of brewing sugar?  Or as well as?

Does any one know what sort of beer I should use those hops in, what quantity to use and how/when in the process to use them?  I've only ever used separate hops once before and that was in a Razorback IPA kit where it tells you exactly how and when to use the supplied hops but I don't know if these ones should be used differently.

Any help with these questions greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Mike...



  • MikeHMikeH Member Posts: 67
    Okay, so I feel stupid.  I've just noticed and read the HBO staff thread about hopping, so that's that one cleared up.
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    The malt extract can be used in a couple of ways, sometimes they are used as a base and then hops and any other ingredients added to make a brew of your own design. Alternatively people sometimes add them to a brew ingredients instead of sugar, if used with say a '1 tin' Wheat Beer ingredients refill in place of the 1kg of sugar they often ask for, it will add more body and flavour, and because you have doubled the amount of malt extract used it is much like making a '2 tin' premium kit.

    Hopefully the hop guide gave you some ideas for the hops, depending on how long you leave them in will affect how much hop flavour is imparted, it is a good way to experiment and tweak brews to your preference
  • MikeHMikeH Member Posts: 67
    Thanks for your help, appreciate it.

    Cheers, Mike...

  • MikeHMikeH Member Posts: 67
    I've now started a brew - John Bull Best Bitter with a can of Coopers light malt extract.  Will see how it turns out.

    I've got a Simply Bitter kit (along with other stuff) ordered from you, due to be delivered today, that I'm going to try hopping with some of that pack of Northern Brewer I have.  Eager to see how it turns out.

    Cheers, Mike...

  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,040
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    Excellent, let us know how progress goes wont you
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