Syphon tube care?

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Something I've been meaning to ask for a while...  How does every one else clean their syphon tube, or more specifically, how do you dry it out properly after sterilising it?

Just laid down, coiled up, I get pockets of condensation forming and even had some orange/pink mould start to grow once.  The only way I've found so far is to clamp each end to the edge of a tall piece of furniture to keep it straight and vertical and even that isn't 100%.

If any one has any better methods I'd be keen to hear them.

Cheers, Mike...


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    Moisture in the tube can be a problem and is hard to remove, leaving it to hang as you have said does allow the moisture to run down and allow air to easily circulate through, it is then best sterilised just before use and rinsed through with clean water to ensure it is nice and clean. From time to time it may need replacing to be on the safe side if it is looking discoloured, various syphoning equipment is available depending on what you are syphoning and some is easier to clean than others;

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    Thanks, at least it's not just me that finds it hard to dry!  The damp in this flat doesn't help either, and the slumlord is unwilling to do anything.  Already decided I'm going to have to give up brewing during the colder months, my Razorback IPA took 56 days to primary ferment, and that was on a heat mat.

    Cheers, Mike...

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    I wash mine out with oxi clean (whizz) drain most then put it in the airing cupboard in a U shape and all the water evaperates leaving the tube totally dry,
  • MikeHMikeH Member Posts: 67
    In case it helps any one else...

    I've found something that works better than anything else I've tried - with the lack of an airing cupboard which would be ideal.

    I have the solid syphon tube kit with the sediment trap at the bottom to use with the bucket clip but with the 25l FV you only need a small length of the second piece of tube so the rest of that piece is spare.  I've cut a couple of short pieces off that, about 3cm each.  Once washed and drained out I insert a piece of the solid tube into each end of the syphon tube with about 1cm protruding.  Then I use some small clamps to hold the top and bottom so the tube is vertical down the side of a DVD storage tower (it's the only thing I have tall enough).  The hard plastic tube keeps the ends from being flattened thus not allowing the moisture out which was always my problem with doing that before.

    Simple but effective.  I've not had condensation build up (and mould grow) in the tube since I've started doing that.

    Cheers, Mike...

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