No Rinse Sanitiser NOW IN STOCK - Brew Safe Cleaner

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We now have in stock a new No Rinse sanitiser for your home brewing equipment, called Brew Safe available in 200g re-sealable packs;

Brew Safe is a no rinse Cleaner Sanitiser, makes cleaning your equipment a breeze compared to the steriliser that needs a good rinsing. Just make up a solution in your FV, place your equipment inside, give it a swirl, leave for ten minutes and that's it. For bottles make up a solution in your sink/bottle rinser give it a swirl, leave for ten minutes and the job's done.

Contains Sodium Percarbonate 200g

25g required for one batch of cleaning which make up to 5 litres of solution


  • HowardHoward Posts: 62Member
    Used this today was nice and easy to use, .....IMO This is a good buy
  • DarranDarran Posts: 37Member
    Does anyone know if this is safe to use to sanitise a shower head?  If using any steriliser that needs rinsing a shower seems an ideal to rinse it off but they are notorious for a build up of bacteria themselves!
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Posts: 1,939Administrator
    We couldn't say for sure, it may not be safe with the shower finish and some bathroom cleaners warn not to use on some materials such as chrome, it may be OK but we would have to advise against
  • ajbajb Posts: 38Member
    Have used this product and it saves a lot of water wastage and is very quick when used in conjunction with a bottle rinser and 'tree' got the bottling done in a quarter of the time
  • braybrook89braybrook89 Posts: 13Member
    I've bought some of this. And I highly recommend it. Saves alot of time Especially if you use a bottle rinser and a dip tree.. Top product :)
  • SarahthebrewerSarahthebrewer Posts: 4Member
    I use this all the time now it's saves me hours of rinsing
  • ImbatImbat Posts: 6Member
    Sounds a fantastic product but can't help but worry if it is totally safe. I don't think I could stop myself just rinsing out a little at least.
  • ajbajb Posts: 38Member
    I have been using it for over a year now with no ill effects, why would you rinse it out, you would negate the sterilising of the bottle?
  • ImbatImbat Posts: 6Member
    I'm not saying I am right. Just saying that putting chemicals in but not taking them out makes me uneasy. Just to old fashioned I suppose :(
  • FootfruitFootfruit Posts: 1Member
    I've used this: works perfectly and saves a lot of time. I'm not clear though whether one should leave the sterilised equipment just for 10 minutes or until completely dry before using. Could HBO or someone advise please?
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Posts: 1,939Administrator
    It is great for time saving and a very popular cleaner and we're really pleased you like it, it just needs to be allowed to drain off but does not need to be dry before using your cleaned equipment
  • timwilliams19timwilliams19 Posts: 10Member
    Prefer this product to Star San as it foams less using the bottle rinser. As regards not rinsing the product afterwards I've noticed I seem to glow in the dark but that had proved a godsend on more than one occasion.
  • CustodianCustodian Posts: 5Member
    What is in BREWSAFE, ? Similar chemicals to STARSAN ?
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Posts: 1,939Administrator
    Brewsafe is Sodium Percarbonate, available in 200g, 1kg or 5kg sizes:
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