Geordie Mild

CovbaggieCovbaggie Member Posts: 14
Made a Geordie Mild 2 months ago using 300g brown sugar and 700g white sugar and it turned out fantastic, has anyone ever done this or even used more brown sugar than white. Would be very interested to find out other ways of sprucing Geordie Mild up.


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    With some darker beers people do sometimes use brown sugar for extra flavour and it seems to get good results, it would be interesting to hear if anyone has more experience on this
  • CelticTwilightCelticTwilight Member Posts: 28
    I have used all dark brown sugar (can't get the huge cheap bags from the discount supermarket anymore :( ) with Geordie Mild and it was very similar to using all white granulated including the colour which I was trying to darken more - it just had a bit of a tang to it.

    I have also used honey with and wholly instead of sugar to make my favourite Geordie kit: Scottish Export. This was noticeably different in smoothness as I recall.

    Not sure if I dare mix honey with spraymalt.

    Main thing is both these alternatives brewed as per usual and tasted fine.
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