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I'm looking for an easier way to bottle my beer and from looking on youtube there are products similar to the "little bottler" that is available on HBO that fits into the syphoning tube. Am I blind or at these available on HBO I've looked but can't find them anywhere? Does anybody have any bottling suggestions to make things easier. My pressure barrel is full otherwise I would of used the tap on it to bottle the beer and I obviously can't fit a tap to the bucket the beer is already in. Cheers guys


  • liamgoodaireliamgoodaire Member Posts: 4
    Just been reading further, would the filling tube from the "little bottler" fit into the end of my siphoning tube and eventually when the vessels are empty I could fir the tap?
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Rather inconsiderately the little bottler filling stick is not compatible with all taps, but you may find that it can be used with a length of syphon tube if you're tube is the right size. If it is then the bottling stick will fit to the tube, and you can use that to bottle with. Then as you say, when you're fermenting vessel is empty you can then fit the tap from the little bottler to the vessel before next using it, we drill a hole with a 25mm hole saw to fit the little bottlers to the vessel, around an inch up from the base so you can fit the nut on the inside and it is just above any sediment which settles.
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