Barreling wine

I'm new to brewing wine so I'm not really sure if this will effect the quality of the wine but I wondered if once complete could I syphon a 30 bottle kit into a pressure barrel and bottle it from there as and when required? I know if it was beer then air would get in the barrel and ruin the beer and require topping up with CO2 however with wine not requiring CO2 would the air be a problem? Thanks guys


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    With the wine we recommend you bottle it and not use a barrel, it is best to minimise the amount of times it is transferred to avoid contamination, and once complete the wine needs to be sealed airtight. Some people choose to 'bottle' in demijohns which hold more which is fine as long as they are sealed, but once opened it has a short shelf life as with all wines so would need drinking fairly soon
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    We have some 25l water containers in our camping gear, they're like a thick polythene bag with an airtight unscrewable tap. If you were to use one of these, the bag would collapse as the wine is drawn off rather like the foil bag in a wine box, instead of filling with air to replace the wine. Not sure about the wine's longevity though?
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    As long as the bag is airtight that should mean the wine will keep, it must not draw air in though as it dispenses. Sometimes these bags can be clear, we recommend either covering it or keeping it out of UV light to avoid any problems with the wine, and if it is similar to the bag with taps you can buy then it should work in the same way so may be worth a try
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