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  • grandadgrandad Member Posts: 13
    hi my name is grandad. I have been brewing now for the last year and have found it to be very interesting and of course the end products are very tasty!
  • markomarko Administrator Posts: 76
    hi all. im a home brewer from york and ive been brewing for a few years now. ive brewed plenty of batches of ale, lager and wine. my favourite so far is the st peters ruby ale, mmmmmm. turbo cider will be my next project, i'll write how it goes in the forum.
  • HexxconHexxcon Member Posts: 4
    Hexxcon here. Found home brew when looking for a new hobby, seemed like a good idea (love ale and proud CAMRA member).

    Yet to produce anything undrinkable!! Happy to provide advice to others where I can.
  • markpaynemarkpayne Member Posts: 3
    Just had my first beer kit!!! Delivery in a day, Fantastic will make the first 36pints tonight......
  • grandadgrandad Member Posts: 13
    hi everyone back again just brewed a young's lager best lager i've brewed yet.Also brewed wine and cider, have also brewed pear cider loovely!
  • MaddMattMaddMatt Member Posts: 12
    My name's Matt. I made my first homebrew kit when I was 18, but made a total hash of it by making the 26 pint kit to the 40 pint instructions. Being 18, I decided to give in there and then. I started again earlier this year, aged 35. So far, I've made Geordie Yorkshire Bitter, Milestone Black Pearl, Geordie Mild, Woodeford Nelson's Revenge, Brewmaster Scottish 80/- and I'm currently drinking Geordie Winter Warmer, conditioning Milestone Dasher The Flasher and waiting to start Milestone Donner And Blitzed. The best things I've learnt since that first Geordie kit are 1) Buy descent yeast for cheap 1 can kits, 2) Use Munton's Brew Kit Enhancer in cheap 1 can kits and 3) Cheap 1 can kits can taste awesome!
  • BriBri Member Posts: 7
    My name's Brian, i'm a first time homebrewer and bought my 1st starter kit just under 2 weeks ago. I live in Barnsley but work in York.

    Its been a steep learning curve but im getting there :)

  • saucyjaguar0saucyjaguar0 Member Posts: 1
    Good Evening all, I am interested in home brewing wine and spirits but have no clue where to start. I have never tried before and am feeling a little overwelmed. Could really do with some pointers to get me off to the best start.

  • firsttwodiefirsttwodie Member Posts: 6
    Hi I'm Steve and I have been brewing beer on and off for a couple of years and am currently brewing 2 batches of beer and trying to grow a Ginger Beer Plant for brewing ginger beer. I am prepared to write a blog on this if anybody is interested please let me know.
  • BengreyBengrey Member Posts: 1
    Hi All, I'm Ben. I am new to brewing having received a kit for my birthday from the wife no less! I'm currently halfway thru a barrel of  Muntons Highland Heavy ale (very tasty!) and have a Woodfordes Wherry ready April1st.
    My grandfather was a home brewer in america. Mostly cider and occasionally moonshine. Must be in the genes! ;-)
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115

    Hi Ben,

    We'd love to have your review on the Muntons Highland Heavy on the site if you fancied leaving one, it can be added at the bottom of the page and will help others choose, a link is here if you had time;

    Sounds like your brewing talents run in the family!

  • billybobsbillybobs Member Posts: 9
    Hi, I'm Bill.  I used to make home brew beer (mostly Boots special bitter) and wine (mostly Vinamat) some 30 odd years ago but eventually stopped due to the unreliable results I got.  I have recently started brewing beer again, initially to see if I could save a few bob, but now with renewed enthusiasm as I have been amazed at the excellent results I have been getting this time.  Unless my memory is playing tricks or my expectations have changed drastically, the beer I am brewing now seems to taste SO much better than it did back then and it also seems to be easier to make.  My return to home brewing started with Woodfords Wherry, followed by two batches of Nelsons Revenge.  I now have a Milestones IPA waiting to clear and have just ordered a Coopers real Ale plus some brewing suger for my next effort.  This is fun, delicious and saves money (I've stopped buying tinnies now) - a winning combination - cheers everyone!
  • MattPMattP Member Posts: 14

    I remember those Boots Special Bitter kits too, brewing with my dad at that time.

    I think the answer is that, in general, the kit ingredients are of so much better quality these days. Thirty years ago you'd be lucky to find a kit which even contained brewers, rather than bakers yeast, and the quality and variety of malt extracts are far greater now aswell.

    Kit prices have gone up too unfortunately, but it's still a lot cheaper than the pub, and you have the satisfaction of having made it yourself.

    I do need a bigger garage though !

  • loadyloady Member Posts: 11
    My first foray into brewing, always remember my Dad doing it with those boots kits and loved watching him syphon the beer into corona lemonade bottles !!..i can remember him letting me have a sneaky swig while mum wasnt looking...looking forward to my next batch...i think this little hobby is going to turn into a conveyor belt operation ;)
  • mark_c_daviesmark_c_davies Member Posts: 1
    Hi, i'm a complete beginner, living in london with my wife and young son. Got myself a kit, and am ready to brew my first beer. So expect me to be asking plenty of questions!
  • stevesteve Member Posts: 2


    could anyone help me

    i have just started brewing my kit and just looked for the gravity reading but its not showing any numbers like it says in the leaflet thing that came with the kit how many days will it take before it starts to go between 60-10 on the gaige  could any one please help me ????

  • ChummyChummy Member Posts: 1

    Hi all.... thanks admin for the add.  I am Chummy, 57 from Diss in Norfolk.  A few of us started to make alcoholic products while we were treated to a long free holiday, we called it  So over the past few months with all the right stuff available I have been experimenting making a few different types of wine. So far I have 14 demijohns bubbling away on the kitchen table in the form of formenting Banana, parsnip, pear, dandelion, peach (made from tinned peaches) orange, ginger and due to a lot ofleftovers mixed fruit with sultanas wine..... My wife has been moaning as we seem to get through several 5kg bags of sugar that came on her shopping

    I like a sweet wine so add small quantities of sugar at a time as dont want to over sweeten it. My wife also bought me a hydrometer but aint quite got the hang of using it yet... it seems far more advantages to try each one for sweetness.

    Will keep you informed of what is good and the not so good, but as a biker that do a lot of parties I know it will all get drunk by

    Regards Chummy.

  • PaleAleRiderPaleAleRider Member Posts: 1

    Hi, I’m PaleAleRider, a newbie to HBO and home brewing. I
    did attempt to make some beer about 20 years ago but that was a long time ago
    with results I’d prefer to forget, so I decided to give it another go now that
    I’m older and allegedly wiser. I called in at HBO in York as I don’t live far
    from them and they explained everything I needed to know, I walked out with one
    of their Complete Starter Kits including a Coopers English Bitter kit. After
    taking the advice about good sterilisation of all equipment, I’ve put my brew
    together and I’m on the way to making beer again!

    It all seemed a lot simpler that I’d remembered to start
    things off, although this is day 1 and the fermentation process hasn’t started
    properly yet, I hope I’ve not spoken too soon. I let you know if it was a great
    success or total failure in a few weeks.  

    Watch this space, PaleAleRider

  • jimmy2ksjimmy2ks Member Posts: 7


    jimmy2ks from glasgow here love this homebrew making got wine on the go just now but stouts my cup a tea

  • bobthebusbobthebus Member Posts: 1

    Just starting again after nearly a years break (only had a couple of attempts, first one excellent, second failed due to temperature issues).

    Have to say, after coming to your sales counter - i was impressed by your helpful and friendly non pushy attitude. Although i didn't spend a fortune today - i hope I will be a regular customer from now on! Your prices seem fair and you stock all that i need, and you are on my doorstep although this could change at any moment as i plan to travel next year (home brew on the move in a double decker bus!) but this makes no difference as you post!

    Thanks for you help

  • SbHSbH Member Posts: 17
    edited September 2012
    Hi SbH here from glasgow,just bought the HBO starter kit with green bottles,have a coopers lager waiting to go in. Cant wait to get started and will no doubt have loads of questions lol :)
  • RedlightningRedlightning Member Posts: 8
    Hi.Gaz here from Barrow in Furness. Thought I'd get into brewing my own beer, and save a few quid. I used to do it 30 years ago in my late teens. Don't know why I stopped, but I did get mild hangovers after 2 or 3 pints. Don't know why. Maybe my age!!!!!
    Anyway, Just got my starter pack, and got my first fermentation on the go. Hope it all goes well. Watch this space. Ha!! Cheers everyone.
  • bubba10bubba10 Member Posts: 2

    hay up bubba here been making wine from kits for a while now just started making wine from scratch and found it very rewarding made some lovely stuff just bought a beer kit for the first time so gonna give it a go would love to make beer from hops n that but dont no where to start any info anyone has would be a great help thanks bubs

    ps happy boozing

  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    edited October 2012

    Hi bubs, welcome, the beer kits available are of fantastic quality, if wanting to brew with hops you can do it by starting with a basic malt extract and adding hops in whatever form you like, dried, pellets or in teabags, and flavour to your preference, or you could start with a beer ingredients and add the hops to change to your preference. What you will find though, is there are some great kits already available with hops included, which give that great fresh hoppy taste and aroma, take a look at these which may be of interest;

    York Brewery Kits (contain the same hops as used by York Brewery) -

    Ultimate Brewery Classics are some of the best kits around (supplied with bottles of hop character for creating that perfect flavour) 6 to choose fro -

    Festival kits with hop pellets (currently 6 to choose from but there will be more added -

    A guide to adding hops is also on this lin -

  • DaveDave Member Posts: 1
    poped by to see you on Monday 29th Oct.
    had a great welcome by you all and blue
    you was so helpful and friendly. hope
    to call again
    Thanks Dave.
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Hi Dave, thanks for coming to see us, call in any time!
  • roysterroyster Member Posts: 3
    hi just thought i would pop in and write a few lines just ordered my wine starter kit and cant wait for it to come , may need a bit help as have not done it before although my dad used to make wine and beer so maybe some help there but it was twenty years ago!!! hope you guys can help cheers
  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    edited December 2012
    Welcome! You've come to the right place, any questions just post them on here on the forum or email us!
  • marvindjmarvindj Member Posts: 3
    Saying Hi and Happy New Year, I have a few brews under my belt now and looking forward to some new ideas and help on here. Just ordered some hops and yeast, look forward to receipt, a brew weekend approaches. 
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