Basic spirit brew but forgot to add my turbo clear part b. How serious is this???

I have just finished distilling my 4.7 litres of 94 percent clear spirit with my Turbo 500 distillation system, Whilst clearing up I found that I had only added the turbo clear part A and not the part B.
As I then proceeded to distill, I just want to know whether my "brew" is safe to proceed??
And if not what can I do to rectify situation - it has been diluted to 45 % and is currently filtering....

Any suggestions??


  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    The 2 part finings are designed to be used that way as it clears the brew most effectively, by forgetting to add the second part the result will potentially be a less clear finished result. As you have now distilled and are filtering you may notice it is not as clear once finished, or it may not be that much different, the first stage of finings will have helped. 

    The finings work together to remove suspended matter form the liquid, we can't say for sure how effective they are individually, but once distilled and filtered this will also help to clear your finished spirit
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