CO2 injection disaster?



Had an interesting issue with my first keg of beer last night. I took a first sample of Milestone Crusader, about 4 weeks after kegging (simple pressure barrel), which was ok if a little flatter than i had hoped. After about a pint i noted a bit of glugging so i decided to inject some CO2, which resulted in me screwing down the applicator too far. When i tried to unscrew, i ended up unscrewing the cap's brass screw also and lost all the pressure. In order to fix i had to take the screw cap off, screw the nut on the inside of the cap and eventually get the co2 applicator off. I immediately injected more co2 once the cap was back on, but the question is have a ruined the batch by introducing air? Thanks



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    You did the right thing here, by making sure it was tight and then sealing the barrel and injecting with CO2 will help to displace any air and re-pressurise it straight away. If the brew is a little flat this could be because of a few reasons, usually the main suspects are if the brew is not ready to be drank yet, and is not fully carbonated (it may be a bit cloudy too if not ready), the CO2 gas has been escaping as it tried to build up (possibly from around the cap seal if it was not fully tight), or there was not enough priming sugar. Hopefully now you are sure the cap is airtight, it should be all fine, the beer will continue to produce CO2 naturally and pressurise the barrel itself (it may need topping up with CO2 cartridges if the pressure drops as it is consumed), and the beer will not have been harmed usually in a case like this
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    That is really helpful and a great relief, thanks. I think you are right re the brew not being ready as it was drinkable but far from ready. Going to leave it a few weeks and see how we get on..There was a lot of co2 that escaped initially, so i am hopeful it is airtight.



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    All the signs are good, the flavours will properly develop and it will carbonate if left for a few weeks to condition, let us know how it turns out!
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