Could i flavour my lager im brewing?

Hi going to brew a lager kit soon and just wondering if you would be able to flavour the lager ie with lime or some kind of fruit,or such like and if so what would i use to flavour some kind of essence or squeezed fruit ...and at what stage would i add the flavouring..or will this mess up the brew..?please help


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    This is a case of experimenting and there is no reason why you shouldn't. It could be done either by adding fruits such as lime, etc, ideally pulped or crushed so they fully infuse, at the fermentation stage so the flavours mix in, or you could add concentrated flavour in the form of juice concentrate or essences to the mix. The quantity to get the flavour you want is a bit of an unknown so it will be trial an error. If using a concentrate you could add to a bottle and see what effect it has, perhaps vary the amount in a few trial bottles and leave to condition and clear. There is a brand new edition to the Better Brew range, it is called 'Bandit Beer', this is a Tequila and Lime flavoured beer kit with 1.8 kg malt extract. We have it in stock but have not had chance to put it on the website yet, but we can sell you one if you wanted to try it, they will be going on sale at £12.95
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    Ok great i guess its just trial and error.And I have just made another order with yourself i ordered a cider and another lager kit,could i swap the lager kit for this new kit please i think it was the same price?
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    We have an order for you and will swap the Cerveza for the Better Brew Tequila and Lime Beer as long as it hasn't been sent out yet, no problem
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