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Just got me a starter kit with the john bull cider pack.

I'm on about day 6 of primary fermentation and I think it's just about finished. (Hydro is at about 1006).

However a quick test sample looks really cloudy, almost like old fashioned lemonade. It also smells really yeasty.

Is this normal? Does this clear/go away once bottled for a few weeks?

Also, the guides say I should leave it a couple of weeks once bottled before drinking, if I leave it longer will it get better over time? Or does it eventually get as it's going to get after x weeks?

Cheers :)


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    The John Bull cider is very popular, it makes some great cider. It will be cloudy at this stage, one you bottle it, prime with sugar and then seal up and leave for a bit it will then clear, the flavours and taste will change as it conditions too, so you've nothing to worry about. Try and leave as much sediment behind as possible when filling your bottles, this will help it clear, and although it will be drinkable after a week or two in the bottles, leave it to clear and fully carbonate for longer, ideally another few weeks, and you will find the flavours much improve and properly develop. There is no exact time, but as a general rule, the longer you leave it the better!
  • BobJobBobJob Member Posts: 6
    OK great thanks.

    I've got one of those little bottler things so hopefully most of the sediment will be left behind :)
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