I think my order must have been lost, what now?

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If your order has been sent by Royal Mail and is delayed, it is not considered missing until 15 working days after the due delivery date - to allow for the item to be returned to the sender if there are problems delivering the item. Please see the Royal Mail website for details. If 15 working days have passed and your order has still not arrived we will start the claims procedure which will involve Royal Mail sending you a form to confirm that it hasn't arrived which will need to be signed and returned to them. After we receive confirmation that the item hasn't been received we can then either send another order out or offer a refund, whichever is preferred. If your order was sent by courier it's a lot easier to find out where it is due to the tracking systems in place, we should be able to resolve your missing courier delivery quickly after you Email Us. If it has been lost by a courier then we will send out a replacement order.
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