My Beer stopped fermenting after 24 hours

I recently bought a Woodfords Wherry starter kit off ebay from Homebrew online.  I have to say I'm mostly happy so far.  I seem to have done something wrong though - I'm new to beer but I've done some wine fermenting.   I put the wherry in the airing cupboard to keep it warm but I'm worried the temperature may have been too high at 26 C.  The fermentation was quite vigorous to start with but then stopped after 24 hours.  I've now taken it out of the airing cupboard - searching online says I need 18-22 C for beer.  Have I killed the yeast though? and if so will adding more yeast 
a) do any harm or 
b) start the fermentation again?


  • mozzamozza Posts: 41Member
    That is too high really but you won't have killed the yeast. By fermenting it at such a high temperature though the yeast have as you put it fermented vigorously and have used up most of the sugars now. By taking it out and putting it somewhere colder it will naturally slow down in activity which is why It appears to have stopped. Keep checking with the hydrometer and you should find in a couple days that the gravity has changed :)
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