I know how eBay works in theory but how do I place an order with your Home Brew shop?

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After setting up an eBay account, which is a straight forward process described in the link in the above question, you simply need to browse our shop to find the products that you're interested in. For example, if you're looking for a Home Brew beer kit, from our Home Brew shop homepage click the link on the left hand side list of categories and those products will be displayed. You can choose how to sort the results; by price high to low or vice versa or you can use the search box to look for what you're after, in this case type 'home brew beer kit' and matching products will be displayed. The more exact your search terms, the less products will be displayed, the more broad your search terms i.e. 'home brew', the more will be displayed. Try clicking the highlighted terms to show what results they generate.
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