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Trouble viewing? Go to Youtube and search for HomeBeerBrewery - the making of and tasting videos are there too!


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    Big thanks to Glenn at HomeBeerBrewery, this is a great guide for anyone keen to see how it's done, and Glenn very kindly tests and reviews beers and lagers for us on his Youtube site HomeBeerBrewery, check his Youtube site out!
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    A great beer making video from Glenn at HomeBeerBrewery, this time the Festival London Porter, in depth and a fantastic guide for those wanting to see it done right;

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    Where are the videos on here? Have I missed something?

    No worries as looked on youtube. Cheers again :D
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    There's an intermittent problem with the link, we'll get it fixed, in the meantime go to Youtube and search 'homebeerbrewery' - Glenn has loads of fantastic stuff on there!
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    He sure does. Funny guy too
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    Craigstube is very very helpfull aswell. I have watched alot for his videos.... because I like to watch a video that they explain everything what they doing in detail. Home beer brewery very good too :)
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