Shipping Fulfillment Status: fulfilled

andyodellandyodell Member Posts: 20
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Under my account details my Shipping Fulfillment Status is "fulfilled"

Does this just mean that it has been sent out. I haven't got an email yet, or my order.



  • HBO_StaffHBO_Staff Administrator Posts: 2,115
    Usually an order will be acknowledged with the order details on an email confirming what was ordered and the address details. Then once the order has been picked it will be marked as 'fulfilled' and later that day it will be handed to the couriers or Royal Mail, depending on the shipping options available/chosen. It will then be on it's way to you and if sent by courier they will notify you when it is out for delivery. In the case of this particular order it is in the hands of the couriers and will be delivered more than likely on Monday. They will email on the morning of delivery to confirm, but any problems just let us know
  • andyodellandyodell Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the clarification.
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